>> Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Once mentors have been recruited, screened and matched with mentees, they must be properly trained before beginning the actual relationship. Over time, MCG has discovered that appropriate training of mentors has become one of the greatest needs of Program Directors. Most programs do not have the skills or staff to provide adequate training for mentors before they are matched with youth.

Our Train-the-Trainer workshop is perfect for programs that wish to strengthen this aspect of their services. These workshops enable programs to effectively train their own mentors and an accompanying manual takes future trainers through a step-by-step processes towards good training delivery.

This interactive session includes all of the policies and procedures that must be addressed, how to conduct ice breakers and make the training interesting, exciting and rewarding. Role plays and other exercises let staff understand how it feels to go through proper training and provides them an opportunity to work on their skills.

Mentor Consulting Group also conducts actual training of new mentors upon program request.